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Frequently asked questions:

How will it work?
After our consultation, you will recieve a quote. 50% of the quoted amount needs to be payed upfront. Once I have received payment, I will continue with the illustrative design process. I will require a photograph of the couple, keep in mind the image should be of good quality,  light, clear and over 100kb – please try avoid cellphone images. I will then do a sketch of the couple, and it will be emailed back to you for your approval.  When you are happy, I will work on the finial invitation draft.

We do not charge a consultation fee! YAY!

Can I send through my own invitation copy?
Yes sure, not a problem, please send it through in a Microsoft word document. Depending on the size of the card that you have chosen, we might have to adjust some of the copy, but these steps will be taken with your approval and acknowledgement.

Which size card should we choose?
While picking the size keep in my mind the illustration and the amount of text you would like to include. Most of the pre-designed cards are limited to size. Envelopes can also become a problem, but I am happy to discuss this during our consultation.

How much does a custom wedding card cost?
The total costs depend on your personal wishes. To get an exact quote, you will need to specify exactly what you want. Paper, envelopes, specifications, additional illustrations  and delivery postage can all influence you final quote. Sometimes you can change your mind, but then I will invoice you accordingly for the outstanding 50% + changes.

When should I order the cards and how long does the process take?
As soon as you can please, but please keep in mind the process takes roughly 6 weeks. I know its sounds like a long time, but trust me, after your mother, father, grandmother, sisters and aunty twice removed have had their say, changes have been made and guests confirmed, you will know why I have allowed for such time. To be sure your cards will be ready when you want to send them out, brief them in as soon as possible

How do you personalise the invitations to specific guests?
Mostly, the invitation itself does not have the guest’s name on it (although there are a few options to get this done, so contact us!) but rather the envelopes are personalised. We do not offer the service of printing straight onto the envelope but design beautiful labels that match your invitation and is stuck onto the envelope. We can personalise these with the guest’s name and address. Alternatively we can get a calligrapher to hand address the envelopes.

Do we get a see a proof of our card?
Absolutely! I will email you a low resolution PDF of your final card. After your approval I will send the document to the printer or directly to you , if you wish to get them printed yourself.

Is it possible to use the illustration as the theme for our wedding?
Yes, that is possible. I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts on this. If you wish to carry through the illustrations we can arrange menu designs, tags, schedules and anything else you wish to have. I can also design the card based on your chosen wedding patterns, colours, themes and motifs.

Can we pick the colours we want for the card?
Yes, your wish is my (shift) command. :) It is best to send me an example or swatches of your colours to make sure I get the exact colour you want.

What kind of paper do you print on?
I have a variety of types of papers, from a pretty pearly finish to a more recycled feel but the choice is yours. Paper is also dependent on the look and feel of card and I am happy to recommend papers if you are unsure. I can assist with the sourcing of the paper and printing, but will be an additional cost.

We have a small budget. Can you fix your prices?
I work with fixed prices on every part of the creation process. I also work with printers and paper suppliers that have their own prices which I have no control over. There’s a lot of time being spend on a custom card. All of the illustrations are hand drawn. Therefor a custom card is not cheap. Please contact me to discuss your wishes and I will see what I can do for you!


Can we let our own home printer print the cards?
You can, but I wouldn’t advise it. Every printer has their own settings. To achieve a high quality product I have picked a printer that has high standards and delivers quality. Rather take the design to proper printing studio.

I don’t live in South Africa. Can I still order the cards?
Of course! I deliver all over the world.


Once the invitations are done, we use our reliable courier company’s overnight service and the pretties will reach South Africans within a day or two (the cost depends on weight). For international clients we use our post office’s courier service. It is the most cost effective by FAR (usually about U$60), has been totally reliable and gets your goodies to you within 6 working days. To get it within 2-3 days we use DHL which is a more expensive option but sometimes those few days really count!


I’m not getting married but I would love a custom card and illustration for a special occasion. Is that possible?
Absolutely! I often make birth announcement cards and other invitations. Please contact me for more information.

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